Test equipment

We have used our specialised experience and current technology to develop a new, high-tech test kit for the marine industry for checking Chlorides, Hydrocarbons, Colour, PTT Test, and COD among others. We can supply other tests if required.

Test Kit

TECO has a wide range of test equipment available for both deck and engine departments. By addressing your specific problem, we can assist with the development of routines and procedures to gain the best possible solutions.

TECO can provide all necessary wall wash testing - and ships laboratory equipment, such as:

  • Nessler tubes. 
  • Pipettes. 
  • Funnels. 
  • Squeeze bottles. 
  • Lab. chemicals (Methanol, DI water, Silver Nitrate, Nitric Acid, Potassium Permanganate etc.) 
  • Standards (PTT, Chloride, Color, etc.) etc.

TM63 Spectrometer

TM63 Spectrometer - Currently out of stock!

Based upon the ever more stringent requirements for those transporting high-grade chemicals at sea, we have developed a new, third generation, Spectrophotometer. Both software and hardware is changed to give the required readings.
It is specially designed to work alongside your existing testing work-instructions. Consequently, for the successful use of the kit, there becomes no need to learn new chemical techniques and no need to purchase additional expensive chemical reagents and laboratory glassware.

As on the previous models the four standard wall-wash tests can be carried out, which are:

  • APHA Colour according to ASTM D 1209
  • Hydrocarbon according to ASTM D 1722 
  • Potassium Permanganate Time Test accordance with ASTM D 1363 
  • Inorganic Chloride in Methanol by standard acidified silver nitrate

And as new tests we have among others:

  • Inorganic Chloride in DI-water. 
  • (COD) Chemical Oxygen Demand in wastewater/Slop 
  • Carbonyl according to ASTM E411-00

TM37 pH/mV/Temperature meter

The test for Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) determines the quantity of oxygen required to oxidise the organic matter in a sample under specific conditions of oxidising agent, temperature and time.

All necessary chemicals required to carry out above tests can be supplied by TECO.

User manual: User manual TM63
Technical data: Technical data

Portable Turbidimeter

Technical Data: Technical Data

TM 35pH/Temperature meter

Technical data: Technical Data

TM37 pH/mV/Temperature meter

Technical Data: Technical data

TM43 pH/Conductivity-/Temperature meter

TM43 pH/Conductivity-/Temperature meter

Technical Data: Technical data

TM47 Conductivity-/TDS-/Temperature meter

Technical Data: Technical data