Hold Cleaning

Preparation of a cargo hold after discharge is more than just sweeping, brushing and flushing down the holds with water. Many considerations are needed to prevent failure in a cargo hold preparation which can lead to substantial cargo claims or time delays.

Good understanding of what practically can be achieved in hold cleaning and required in terms of equipment, chemicals and personal to carry out an efficient hold cleaning is essential.

Cargo hold cleanliness depends on factors like the previous cargo, the next cargo, temperature, equipment, local regulations and specific cargo interest requirements.

Cleaning chemicals are usually necessary to clean the hold to the required standard, and together with the right approach and planning, they help save precious time..

TECO’s range of chemicals and raw materials provide most of the required hold cleaning solutions:

  • Removal of coal and pet coke stains
  • Cement, clinker residues removal
  • Rust and stains from Iron or bauxite cargo removal
  • Hold Block,water soluble, safe on all coatings
  • Lime and scale removal
  • Deodorize

Always refer to the safety data sheet concerning precautions and handling when using TECO chemicals for cleaning.