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Group Companies

TECO Solutions

TECO Solutions is serving the offshore oil & gas, as well as the maritime market with turn-key installations, protective coating and rope access projects. TECO Solutions also helps shipowners with various upgrades related to piping, HVAC, SOLAS upgrades, etc.

With an increased focus on new regulations, the company has installed more than 100 scrubbers, 75 ballast water treatments systems and a numerous advanced waste water purification systems.

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BLOM Maritime

BLOM Maritime is a world leading supplier of 3D digital data capturing. The company specialize in capturing and optimizing “as-is” data for improved engineering and project execution.​

BLOM Maritime provide full-cycle service while ensuring that cost-effective solutions are continuously implemented before, during, and after the projects. The entire network of subsidiaries and strategic business partners employ more than 170 employees worldwide. To date, we have successfully completed more than 350 projects, combined within the various industries we serve.

TECO Chemicals

TECO Chemicals is a specialised supplier of cleaning chemicals and equipment for cargo hold, cargo tanks and general cleaning serving the maritime sector since 1994. We supply high quality chemicals, IMO approved  & tank coating manufacturer approved in line with MARPOL regulations from our stocks and production facilities world-wide.


Supercargo services, cleaning equipment and PPE related to cleaning operations are also typically within our range of products and services.

With the new coming IMO 2020 emissions regulations, we also serve our clients with Caustic Soda 50 % solution for scrubbers use, Urea 40 % solution for SCR use and other chemicals/raw materials required for BWTS or for marine cleaning. Our dedicated staff is always available for you to secure your orders, and discuss and assist in cleaning operations.

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Crosscomar is a internationally managed company situated in Algeciras.

We have excellent connections with local workshops, shipyards and suppliers.

We carry out ship repair at anchorage, alongside, in dock or on voyage.

Our experience covers all types of ship repairs and conversions.

TECO Electronics

TECO Electronics AS is a Norwegian company based on highly skilled service engineers in the field of maritime electronics and automation. With over 25 years' of experience gives us unique knowledge with in the field of Maritime & Offshore products and services. 

The company repairs and reconditions automation equipment from most international manufactures, either in in-house workshops or on-site.

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TECO Marine Fuel Cell System.PNG

TECO 2030

TECO 2030 is an innovative engineering and equipment development Company aiming to significantly increase the use of renewable energy, specifically in the form of hydrogen fuel cells and emission reduction systems (the TECO future funnel), to reduce the environmental footprint of the shipping industry.


TECO 2030 is aiming to develop tomorrow’s technology today to reduce the marine shipping’s severe environmental impact.

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