Hands-on services, high quality cleaning chemicals.

MarClean is TECO's own range of Marine and Offshore cleaning Chemicals. MarClean Chemicals were successfully introduced in 1994 as Soot and CPP cleaners for zinc, epoxy and Stainless Steel tanks. Today the MarClean range consists of highly concentrated, environmentally friendly products suitable for tankers and dry bulk vessels.  We constantly evaluate our range of cleaning agents and are committed to develop cleaning solutions for the future.

TECO supply our products in more than 30 countries in all continents of the world. We ensure delivery of high quality, IMO approved chemicals at competitive prices from joint stocks and production facilities. This adds flexibility to our operation, and gives our clients better predictability in supply and planning of cleaning operations. As an example one of our concentrated products, MarClean SC covers an impressive range of cleaning requirements on a modern tanker or dry bulk vessel.